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About us

A very ancient name. Kottabos® (or Cottabo) is an ancient convivial game that was widespread in Magna Graecia and was attributed to the Sicilian people. It literally means "empty cup" and represented the most playful part of symposia.

A sicilian spirit

Our beers are born in Rocca di Capri Leone, in the heart of the Nebrodi Mountains. Warm, amber tones that we have chosen to narrate the sparkling image of Sicilian tradition to be told.

A strong identity

Each beer has its own history, its own identity. Their names come from the pages of Italo Calvino “Invisible Cities” read over and over during those summer afternoons that inspired a project that speaks of our land.

A big bet

A major project that was born from a game among friends, with “home brewing.” Something that, inAugust 2015, gave birth to an entirely new reality. The Kottabos® brewery was first and foremost a bet.

An intriguing environment

In addition to the brewery, we have created a cozy venue with intriguing features where music and tastings flank our beers. Warm lights and soft tones accompany truly unique sensory pathways.

To each name its history

Kottabos® and its origins

Kottabos® is two stories in one: one related to the brand and the other one linked to the beers’ identities.
But while telling those stories, we realise that they cannot be separated in any way. Our identity is closely linked to those atmospheres of mystery and tradition that we have pursued in a not-too-distant past made of fantastic experiences and intense emotions. The spirit – into which we have dipped our compositions – is easy and light-hearted, yet so subtly seductive that it captures your mind and heart from the very beginning. An inspired liveliness that turns your best moments into a pleasant escape.

Balanced flavours

A taste of superior quality

Brewing techniques may seem all the same and within everyone’s reach. You probably know them as well as we do. Yet we have managed to give each of our beers that extra something: from Berenice to the new Tamoè you will always find a fresh, authentic identity, a flavour that tastes both new and traditional at the same time. How did we do that? Hard work, continuous research, experience gained day by day, until we managed to add the essence of our territory to the basic techniques and give each recipe that unique character we were looking for. Try it to believe.

Wise craftsmanship

The art of master brewers

Our beers tell their own story. If you come from our land, you realise they taste like home. If you live somewhere else, they bring you all the way over here. Anyhow, it is never about confirmations, but rather discoveries. We pursued these sensations by seeking the right balance between originality and genuine ingredients, playing with the available elements and relying on our craftsmanship, until we stamped a unique soul on each of our compositions. In Kottabos you can discover new and ever-changing nuances that speak of conviviality and a sense of belonging, perhaps in a somewhat irreverent way. You just have to
let yourself be carried away.

Your sensory journey starts here. Discover aromas, golden hues and unmistakable tastes.

Kottabos® beers are first and foremost discovery. At the very first sip you enter a story straddling different eras, a melody of unique but different aromas, a collection of intense moments made of sharing and good company, a pleasure you wouldn’t expect. Where will you enjoy the next one?

The beginning of our adventure.
An adventure begins: Kottabos® is more than an idea and the project comes to life.
Kottabos® Brewery Opening.
We open our brewery and our brew-pub, so that we are able to personally introduce you to our beers.
New beers on the way.
New inspirations take shape: new beers are added to the Kottabos® family.
A new beginning.
A difficult year for the entire food and beverage industry. A pause that allowed us to grow.
Kottabos® cans.
Kottabos® is also in cans. To have a nice drink while respecting the environment.
The Year of the Ales
Zora and Zaira, the new signature Kottabos® ales, were born.